Deadwood: The Movie (Spoiler Free Review)

Deadwood: The Movie is written by David Milch and directed by Daniel Minahan. Deadwood was originally a TV show on HBO that ran from 2004-2006. It is still one of the highest rated and reviewed dramas of all time, and one of my personal favorite shows ever. It is one of the few shows I … Continue reading Deadwood: The Movie (Spoiler Free Review)

Dark Phoenix (Film Review)

Dark Phoenix is the latest and last (?) X-Men film by Twentieth Century Fox. Written, directed and produced by Simon Kinberg, who has in the past written/produced some of the good Fox Marvel films (X-Men Days of Future Past, Deadpool, Deadpool 2, X-Men First Class, Logan) and some of the bad (X-Men The Last Stand, … Continue reading Dark Phoenix (Film Review)

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (Film Review)

Before I begin writing about the third part of this trilogy, I would like to first address a few things regarding the first two films. (SPOILER WARNING of the first two films, SPOILER FREE REVIEW for the third film) The first film which came out in 2010, is still my favorite of the trilogy. Mainly … Continue reading How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (Film Review)